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Thanks for your interest. Right now the Referral Rewards program is still on the to-do list, but don't let that hold you back. As EzOfferz continues to grow, we'll be able to attract even better offers, and a whole lot more of them. So it's in your interests to get the word out!

With that in mind, we have set up affiliate links for Members and enabled tracking.

You can get your affiliate link in the Member's Area, and when you promote that, we'll immediately start tracking your visitor traffic and actual sign-ups. Then when we get the actual Referral Rewards worked out, we can immediately credit you accordingly.

To be perfectly clear, at this stage I have no idea what those rewards will be!

We'll be looking for a way to make it well worth your while that's also sustainable for us, but you should understand, you'll be working blind if you start promote now...

If you're OK with that, we'll appreciate the assistance!

We'll post more information here as we get closer. We'll also announce it in the newsletter, so make sure you're on the EzOfferz list while you're here.

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Sponsorship Opportunity

As mentioned, we're currently exploring options for rewarding our Members for promoting EzOfferz.

This is is proving difficult, given that we're offering a 100% free service... with no add-ons or upsells... so there's no cashflow to tap into, and everyone gets everything already.

So we're hoping we might establish some sort of sponsorship/collaboration with a complimentary business. We'll provide you with some great ongoing exposure to a growing audience through our newsletters and website, and in return you offer our Members some form of real-value reward in proportion to their referral efforts.

We're open to ideas, so if that sounds like it could work for you, please give it some thought and make us an offer!

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