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Thanks for your interest. Shortly we'll be adding a submission process to let you submit your own products, memberships or coupons etc as a giveaway that we'll then share with our Members.

We'll post more information here as we get closer. We'll also announce it in the newsletter, so make sure you're on the EzOfferz list while you're here.

Sponsorship Opportunity

We're currently exploring options for rewarding our Members for promoting EzOfferz.

This is is proving difficult, given that we're offering a 100% free service... with no add-ons or upsells... so there's no cashflow to tap into and everyone gets everything already.

So we're hoping we might establish some sort of sponsorship/collaboration with a complimentary business.

We'll provide you with some great ongoing exposure to a growing audience... through our newsletters and website... and in return you would offer our Members some form of real-value reward in proportion to their referral efforts.

We're open to ideas, so if that sounds like it could work for you, please give it some thought and make us an offer!

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