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Thanks for your interest in EzOfferz!

The idea here is quite simple... we've got a load of stuff to give away, and all we ask in return is that you check out one ad page for every download or gift. So when you join our list below, you'll get our free newsletter automatically every couple of weeks, and be able to grab anything of interest quickly and easily, totally free of charge.

How To Get Maximum Value From EzOfferz

All our downloads and giveaways are 100% free, made possible by advertising. So when you click an Access Link, you'll be taken to a short ad page, and then on to your download or giveaway. There is a timer on the ad page, so all we ask is that you look over the offer for 15 short seconds...

Each newsletter will have four giveaways, so if you decide you want all four items, it will cost you just one minute of your time. We've got a lot of great content headed your way and we'll be working hard to make that the best minute you invest in your business each and every week week!

However... you shouldn't try to grab everything on offer.

A lot of this will be straight-up educational content that you'll need to sit down to read or watch, and absorb. It won't provide any value at all if you just grab it and put it aside for later. You'll have to schedule time to consume the content or it's just a waste.

Likewise a lot of this will come with MRR or PLR licenses so you can resell it or give it away to build your list. Again, that is going to take time and effort to do it right, and that won't happen if you keep grabbing everything without doing the work.

There is a real risk that people will use EzOfferz to clutter up their hard-drive with a whole lot of packages that they'll never get around to using. That's not what we want, so we've set this up a little differently...

1. Read The Information

We've put some time and effort into reviewing these packages, to make sure they are good quality offerings that will be worth your time to download and consume.

We'll provide a detailed description of what you get and what you might do with it. This is so you can save yourself some time and just grab the stuff you can actually use.

2. Read The Instructions

We'll also try to provide some general direction on the download page, on what to do with it once you have it. Give that some careful thought each time and decide if it's going to add value to your business, and whether or not you're likely to see it through.

If you just keep grabbing new stuff all the time, with no real plan to put any of it to work, you'll just end up overwhelmed and get nothing done.

3. Use Our Emails As A Catalog

Save our emails in a safe place and make your own notes on the items you might want to revisit later on. The links are permanent and they'll still work whenever you're ready to take action. So it will be much easier... and cheaper... to store a year's worth of newsletters than a year's worth of downloads!

So you can afford to be realistic, and if you're not going to use something in the immediate future, just leave it for later. Then when you have the time to start a new project, just review our notes and pick the best fit for your current situation and goals.

Contribute Your Own Giveaways - COMING SOON!

Once we're up and running, we'll be setting up an option for you to submit your own giveaway items... these can be your own products, free memberships on your own websites, coupons and bonuses on your websites etc.

We expect to build a fairly sizeable list here quite quickly, so if you have something of value to share, we'll be able to provide an instant audience. We'll post more information when we're ready to go.

Referral Program - COMING SOON!

It should be clear that the bigger our membership gets, the better offers we'll be able to attract... so its in everyone's interest to help get the word out.

We would like to offer a referral program to reward those who go over and above to help promote EzOfferz, but since there's no cost to anyone... and everyone gets full access to everything... so there's no simple reward option that comes to mind... so far.

We are still exploring the options though, so if you have any ideas on what might work, please feel free to share them with us!

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